A God We Can See?

A God We Can See?

At the foot of the mountain, the people of Israel become frightened once again, and in their fear, they forget the very God who just spoke to them. Demanding Aaron make them a God they can see, Aaron makes them a golden calf, and the people rise up to worship it instead. This causes the wrath of God to rise again, but Moses, up on the mountain, makes intercession for them.

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Exodus 32:4
God’s people, The Israelites, were quick to complain. And a complaining heart can quickly become a wandering heart. Aaron enabled their complaining by helping them make gold idols. It was a costly sin. Moses enlists the Levite priests to go through the camp and shed blood in God’s name. 3,000 of God’s people died that day, punished for their unfaithfulness. Moses went up to speak to God again and ask for forgiveness for the people. His words are a reminder that He cannot let sin go unpunished. There’s always a price, and it is death. Our names were blotted out because of sin, but because of Christ, we are in the book of life. In God’s words to Moses, we find hope and enduring faithfulness. When we sin, there is a price, but God will not abandon us. His presence will continue to be with his people.
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