Abram and Lot Separate

Abram and Lot Separate

Due to the abundant blessings of God, Abram and Lot’s herds have grown too large to share the same land, so they separate. Lot takes the lush valley of the Jordan and the land of Sodom in the East, while Abram takes the land to the West. However, despite the way the land of Sodom looked on the outside, the reality is it was flooded with sin and wickedness inside. But In the land of Cannan, God made Abram a promise that his descendants would inherit the earth and be as numerous as the stars. Listen as we learn more about this promise and God’s faithfulness.

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Genesis 15:1
Today we’re going to cover a lot of ground, starting with Lot and Abram and how their stories differ. Although he was with Abram, you’ll see how Lot’s story took a decidedly different trajectory. It’s a story about decisions, being seduced by the apparent beauty of a place and neglecting to see the wickedness brewing beneath the surface, contrasted with choices made while seeking God and depending on Him. You’ll also hear how Abram becomes a wise man who worships God and cares more about honoring Him than receiving honor for himself. Finally, we’ll see how Abram has learned, at least for now, to wait on God’s timing and to plead with Him for answers when the promise of descendants is still not yet fulfilled. It’s a lesson for how you can approach God, asking for your heart’s desires, even as you wait faithfully on His timing.
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