Abram and Sarai

Abram and Sarai

Out of Ur, God calls a man named Abram to follow Him to a new land and a new blessing. Abram, his wife Sarai, and his nephew Lot obey and follow God into the land of Canaan. However, famine in the land drives them to Egypt, and Abram, fearing for his life, devises a plan to trick the Egyptians into thinking his wife is his sister so they will not kill him. Listen as we discover what God does with this half-truth and how His grace is present even when His servants act out of selfish motives.

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Genesis 12:3
If you’ve ever had to pick up and move from a place you’ve called home your whole life, you’ll relate to Abram. He was seventy-five years old when God called him to take his wife Sarai, leave his home, and go to a place he did not know. That sounds like quite a stressful move if you ask me. But you see, God had a plan for Abram, and it couldn’t, or wouldn’t, be accomplished if he stayed where he was. So he needed to step out in faith. Faith is a central theme throughout Abram’s life. Often, he passed the test of faith. Other times, as we’ll see today, he struggled and tried to work out the problem in his own wisdom. As you can imagine, that doesn’t work out well. But through it all, we’ll continue to see how God is present, provider, and protector for Abram and Sarai.
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