Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel

Outside of the Garden of Eden, the first family begins as Eve gives birth to Cain and Abel. But all is not well outside of Eden. Cain becomes jealous of his younger brother Abel when God accepts his offering and Cain’s is rejected. God warns Cain that this anger will consume him if he lets it. But Cain does not heed God’s warning and instead festers his anger until he kills his brother Abel.

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Read Genesis 4:1
Cain and his brother Abel grew up knowing God. They were taught the importance of sacrifices. Abel chose the best to offer God, while Cain brought offerings from a sense of obligation, rather than gratitude and praise. So God accepts one and rejects the other. Cain was angry, bitter, and sin took hold of his heart. The tragedy that ensued once again created an irreparable rift in the family. The first human blood that was shed on God’s once perfect earth came from the hands of one brother upon another. Sin was spreading through generations, and the cost was high. Murder, banishment, another curse…and yet in the midst of it all, God’s grace and mercy once again shone through.
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