Crossing the Jordan

Crossing the Jordan

As the spies share the good news with the people of Israel, hope rises in their hearts. With hope rising in the people, a confidence, given by God, is rising in the heart of Joshua. So Joshua leads the people to the bank of the Jordan river and instructs the Levites to go before them into the river carrying the Ark of the Covenant, the moment their feet enter the Jordan, the waters part, and Israel is led across the river on dry land just like they were years ago under Moses.

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Joshua 3:13
In our previous episode, God reaffirmed His promise and presence to Joshua, and charged him to be courageous. Joshua prepared the people to cross into the Promised Land, but first he sent spies to scout the city of Jericho. There, we heard of a prostitute named Rahab who told the men that the whole city was terrified of Israel, and more importantly their God. She also protected the spies from Jericho’s king, and as a result gained favor in God’s eyes… favor that would reverberate for millennia through her bloodline. Today we’ll join the Israelites as they prepare to brave the raging river Jordan before them. It’s a crossing that would be impossible were it not for the Most High God who goes with His people. And in this reading we’ll see His powered revealed once again to the wonderment of Israel.
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