Curse God and Die

Curse God and Die

Once again Satan comes into the presence of The LORD, and once again God praises His servant Job, pointing out that even though He allowed Satan to take away everything he owned, Job still praised God. So Satan tries again to break Job, this time by taking away his health. Covered in boils and in grief, Job sits outside mourning his loss and praying to God. His friends arrive to comfort him, but, just like what can happen to us today, the conversation turns towards words of blame instead of comfort. But even in his anger, Job still does not curse God.

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Job 2:9
In yesterday’s reading we learned how God allowed Satan to take away job’s riches, even his children. Satan had challenged God saying Job was only fearful of God because he had nothing to fear. But when Job lost everything his response was grief, followed by worship. Never once did he accuse or curse God. Satan had underestimated this man’s heart for God. Today we’ll see God remove another layer of protection, allowing the enemy to attack Job himself, leaving him without his health, but still alive. He’ll be joined by his friends and his wife, those closest to him who should offer comfort and encouragement. How will they respond to Job’s challenges?
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