Defying Moses

Defying Moses

Just as Cain was jealous of Abel's approval by God, Miriam and Aaron are jealous of Moses and his position before God. Though they spoke these complaints in secret, God heard every word of it and made it known to all. He rebuked Miriam and Aaron for their actions, and Miriam was sentenced to live outside the camp for seven days.

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Numbers 12:1
In yesterday’s episode, we saw how the needs of the Israelites overwhelmed Moses, and he went to God for help. God appointed seventy men to help lighten his load. We also saw God judging the people for their ungrateful hearts and lack of trust by sending a plague upon the people. God was demonstrating that though He was their provider and would protect them, He would bring punishment to correct His children. Today we’ll revisit a theme that’s come up many times in Scripture – sibling rivalry. From Cain and Abel to Joseph and his brothers, it’s a problem almost as old as mankind. We’ll hear how Moses’ siblings, Miriam and Aaron, turn against Moses and how God deals with their attempt to usurp his leadership.
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