Dinah and Shechem

Dinah and Shechem

As Israel and his family were living in the land of Hamor, a prince of that land named Schechem raped Dinah, Israel’s daughter. However, instead of sending her away in secret, Schechem asks for his father to strike a deal so that he might have her as a wife. An agreement was made to give him Dinah for the price of Hamor, Schechem, and all the men in their city being circumcised. But Dinah’s brothers, Simeon and Levi, would not hear of it. Filled with rage, they attacked while the city's men were recovering, killing them all.

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Genesis 34:11
Jacob seems to take a step back in his obedience. Rather than go to Bethel and settle there, as God intended, Jacob and his family remained in another town, the land of a man named Hamor. As a result of this choice, Jacob’s daughter Dinah is assaulted by Hamor’s son, Shechem. To him this young woman is an object of desire and lust, one he will take and do as he pleases. But after, he will find his heart drawn to her, a twisted perception of love taking hold of him, and he will decide he wants to marry her. This is a pagan land where people do not worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And it is not God’s intention for Jacob’s children to marry among these people. Not only that, but Shechem has defiled Dinah.
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