Elijah at Mount Sinai

Elijah at Mount Sinai

Ahab, sore from being made a fool by God’s display at Mount Carmel, went home to complain to his wife Jezebel. Filled with anger at his actions, Jezebel sends a death threat to Elijah. When Elijah received the message, he fled until he had no strength left. Collapsing with a tree he begged God to take his life. But God showing him compassion sent an angel to provide for his needs and prepare him for the long journey ahead. A journey where he would meet with God Himself and be encouraged.

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1 Kings 19:9
In our last reading, we saw how Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to a showdown. It was their false god against the Lord Almighty on Mount Carmel. In the presence of thousands of Israelites, God showed his amazing power, reigning fire from heaven upon the altar, while Baal was MIA. Elijah then had every false prophet killed, and the Lord finally sent rain to quench the dry land in the kingdom. Today we’ll hear of the aftermath of this victory for the Lord. How Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel react to what’s occurred, and what Elijah does in response. It will be a reminder to us that often the enemy will seek to discourage and defeat us when his reign of lies is threatened.
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