Esau's Birthright

Esau's Birthright

Abraham had lived a rich and full life, but after 175 years, it was his time to die. Nevertheless, hope is continued in his family line as God enables Rebekah to conceive, and in her womb, two nations are formed, the twins Jacob & Esau. But even in their youth, there would be strife between these nations as Jacob swindles Esau out of his birthright.

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Genesis 25:33
Today we come to the end of Abraham’s life. He was far from perfect and full of contractions. Faith and failings, trust and trepidation. God has been with him through it all, never wavering in His promise. So now his legacy is established, Abraham is ready to go home. As Abraham knows his time is nearing, he continues to lead his family, establish a future for them, and fulfill God’s plan. Isaac and Ishmael come together for the sake of honoring their father. In many ways, Isaac and Rebekah’s story echoes that of Abraham and Sarah. Rebekah also struggled to bear children and had to wait on God until finally, God granted her desire. But not just one—God gives them twin boys. The relationship between the two boys will not be harmonious, but it’s made worse by the parents, who each choose a favorite. This theme of familial conflict continues to repeat, which many of us know all too well from personal experience. So what can we learn from this story to help us in our situations?
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