Esther Saves Her People

Esther Saves Her People

As Queen Esther got ready to enter the King’s Chambers, she knew she was risking her life by showing up uncalled for. However, God had gone ahead of her and softened the King's heart. So she invited the King and Haman to a feast and the King was glad to attend. During this feast, she asked the King if he would be willing to attend a second feast for him and Haman a second time. It was at this second feast that Queen Esther made her true intentions known as she asked the King to save her and her people from the wicked Haman.

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Esther 10:1
In our last episode, we learned how Esther was made queen Susa, one of the wives of the unpredictable and cruel king Xerxes. God was working through her and her uncle Mordecai to pave the way for the rescue of the Jews from the hand of Haman, one of Xerxes’ evil counselors. And so when Haman convinced Xerxes to issue a decree to kill all the Jews in Susa, Esther is faced with a decision. To remain silent and watch as her Jewish kin are slaughtered, or speak up and risk angering Xerxes and ending her own life. The choice was clear, she had to act.
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