Faithful in the Prison

Faithful in the Prison

While Joseph was in prison, two of Pharaoh's officials, the chief baker, and the chief cupbearer, were there with him. One night, they both had a dream, and Joseph, seeing the torment of not knowing what their dreams meant, gave testimony to God’s power and rightly interpreted the dreams of each of them. All he asked for in return was to be remembered when the chief cupbearer returned to his position in Pharaoh's court.

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Genesis 40:4
In today’s reading we will hear as Joseph once again has an opportunity to interpret dreams. Only this time they are not his own dreams, but those of two other inmates. The dreams are not about his future, but the fate of the men who are imprisoned with Joseph. Rather than using his gift of decoding dreams to exalt himself, as he did when he was a young boy, Joseph will use the gift God has given to help others.
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