Fleeing From Laban

Fleeing From Laban

After many years of service and attempts by Laban to trick his son-in-law, Jacob gained enough wealth to return back to his family in Canaan. But through his brother-in-law’s desire to kill him, Laban rushes to stop him on the way. With God’s warning, Jacob can prepare and confront Laban and the rest of the family.

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Genesis 31:21
Previously we learned about how Jacob was tricked into marrying Rachel’s older sister Leah first, and how he then married Rachel, whom he loved. We learned about the awful spite between sisters and Jacob’s complacency and lack of leadership in the family, which grew and grew as he slept not only with his wives but also their servants. Now Jacob has twelve sons and one daughter and he decides he needs to leave Laban behind and move his family to Canaan, his homeland. His prosperity in raising sheep and the fortune he was able to amass are plenty to send him off with his family to a new home. But Laban’s sons are not happy with Jacob, and Jacob fears for his safety. Just as we saw him do when he angered his brother Esau, we’ll see Jacob trying to flee undetected, without a goodbye, fearing for his life. His wives go willingly with him, but Rachel also takes idols from her father’s home.
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