God Makes a Donkey Speak

God Makes a Donkey Speak

Israel finally finds some sense of rest in the plains of Moab. But Balak, the king of Moab, feels threatened when he looks out and sees his plains covered by Israel. So he sends for a diviner by the name of Balaam to curse these people. But God also visits Balaam, and makes it clear that he is not to curse Israel, but bless them.

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Numbers 22:28
In yesterday’s episode we learned that, in his anger and frustration Moses sinned against God, bringing glory to himself for making water flow. As a result, God tells him he’ll never enter the Promised Land. They continue their journey, facing obstacles, opposition from other nations, and ongoing thirst and fatigue in the wilderness. Along the way, Aaron passes away and the people mourn his death. Today we learn of a foreign king who seeks to curse Israel through a gentile soothsayer named Balaam, and how God uses a beast warn Balaam not to comply.
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