God Protects and Provides

God Protects and Provides

In Israel’s exodus from the land of Egypt, after 430 years of slavery, they headed joyfully to the wilderness, and the land God will call them to. But as they came to camp by the sea, Pharaoh and his army changed their mind and pursued them. Trapped between an approaching army and the sea the people fear for their lives, but through Moses, God provides His people a miraculous means of escape and a final victory over the Egyptians once and for all.

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Exodus 14:29
In our previous episode, God brought one final devastating plague upon Egypt. A broken Pharaoh, having lost his own son due to his hardened heart, finally released the Hebrews. Great rejoicing rose up from their procession as they shook away the shackles of 430 years of oppression. But as we’ll hear today, their joy would meet an abrupt roadblock in the Red Sea. We’ll hear them begin to grumble and accuse Moses – a theme that will become all-too-common Listen to the words of the Israelites as they fear death and forget the power of their God, who just brought them out of Egypt. Once again, we’ll see how God remains faithful to do as he promised and show the world his great, unmatched power as he rescues his people.
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