Isaac and Rebekah

Isaac and Rebekah

Abraham is dying, and it’s time for his son to have a wife. So he sends his most loyal servant on a mission to go to his homeland to find a wife for his son. As Abraham’s servant was at the well in that town, he prayed, and God delivered unto him the woman Rebekah, who would become the wife of Isaac.

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Genesis 24:67
In the last story, God tested Abraham’s faithfulness. Our narrative now turns to a time of grieving Sarah’s death, followed by preparation for Isaac’s future. Sarah lived long, had a son for Abraham, and now the Lord called her to eternal rest. This was a time of sorrow for Abraham and a final opportunity for him to demonstrate care and honor Sarah’s memory. Abraham knew that his work on earth wasn’t complete, and we then see him turn to future planning—securing a wife for Isaac so that God’s plan to bless and grow his family continues progressing. Today’s passage demonstrates wisdom on the part of Abraham, where he sends his servant to look for a mate for Isaac and what he insists Isaac do as the search happens. Abraham’s servant finds a partner and brings the Lord into the process. God works in the process to ensure Isaac has a suitable mate—Rebekah. Once again, we see how God’s plan for His people comes together, often in unexpected ways that amaze those involved.
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