Jacob and Esau

Jacob and Esau

Famine was in the land of Canaan, and so Isaac and his family moved, settling in Gerar and prospering for a season. But Jealousy arose in the people surrounding them, and they were forced to move again. By the time Isaac resettled, he was becoming well advanced in years, and his eyes were failing him. Jacob opened the door for yet another deception, this time led by his mother, Rebekah.

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Genesis 27:19
Despite a lack of faithfulness on their part, God continues to bless and protect Abraham’s family – now through his son Isaac. Isaac prospered in this new land and was met with disdain and distrust by others who resented him for the blessings – blessings God was granting him. Also, in this passage, the conflict between Jacob and Esau continues. This is a tale of hidden intentions, heartbreak, and hatred. Jacob’s craftiness and deception finally strike a blow to both Esau and Isaac that will forever alter the course of this family. He is not acting alone but is teaming up with Rebekah, his mother, who favors him over Esau. Together they will trick Isaac into giving Jacob what is meant for his older brother. This family conflict comes to an explosive climax, and there are echoes of two brothers we’ve heard of long ago – one accepted and the other rejected.
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