Joshua and the Treaty

Joshua and the Treaty

The Gibeonites, a people of the land of Canaan, hear about what God is doing for the people of Israel and fear for their lives. In this fear, they devise a plan to deceive Israel into thinking they are weary travelers coming from afar, hoping that Israel might make a treaty with them. This caused five of the tribes in Canaan to gather together as one in an attempt to make war against Israel. But even though their numbers were large, they were no match for the God of Israel. He caused hail to go before them and even allowed the sun to stand still until the armies of the Canaanite kings were thoroughly defeated.

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Joshua 9:15
In yesterday’s episode we learned how the deceit of just one person in Israel’s camp had consequences on the whole community, and how God rooted out the sin of Achan so His people would know that His authority was not to be disregarded. God then granted Joshua and his men another victory, and as word spread throughout the countryside, other towns trembled in fear of Israel and their God. Today we’ll hear of how the Gibeonites would engage in treachery and deception to secure a treaty with Israel. They appeal to the mercy of Joshua to save themselves. Will Joshua fall for their trickery?
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