Joshua's Farewell

Joshua's Farewell

Week by week, the promised land is being conquered, and Joshua is allocating it according to the plan of God given to Moses. In this, Caleb comes to claim the land promised to him and set the standard for all the tribes of Israel as they seek to dwell in their inheritance. After this, Joshua gets ready for his departure to heaven and gives the people of Israel encouragement that is still relevant to our lives today, saying, “cling to the Lord for our victory, our land, and our lives are nothing without Him.”

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Joshua 24:15
In our last episode, we learned how God stopped time to give Joshua and his army a miraculous victory over five kings and their armies all at once. Joshua’s immense faith in God and boldness to make his requests to God became an example for all the people, and generations after, even to us today. In today’s story, we’ll hear of a time of peace and more victories for God’s people as Joshua leads them with the courage that both Moses and God had charged Joshua with demonstrating. Finally, we’ll hear this great leader’s parting words for the people as he prepares to join those who went before him in the presence of his God.
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