Justice, Honor, and Music

Justice, Honor, and Music

As the King returned to Judah, he was dejected and downcast. To make matters worse, the prophet Jehu came to visit him telling him about the folly of his choices. But he also encouraged the King, and Jehoshaphat took heart and toured the land. As he was breeding a culture of love and justice in the kingdom of Judah, his enemies took notice. The Moabites saw this as a weakness and decided to strike! Threatened by their numbers, King Jehoshaphat called for the entire nation to seek God. And God told Jehoshaphat that this is one battle he would not have to fight.

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2 Chronicles 20:30
In our previous episode, we learned about king Jehoshaphat in Judah. Unlike Ahab in Israel, Jehoshaphat followed God’s heart and worked hard to rid the nation of idolatry. Because of this he, and all of Judah with him, prospered. Seeking peace for Judah, Jehoshaphat forged an alliance with Ahab, and we heard how Ahab sought to go into battle with Syria, despite the Lord’s warning that the war would mean the demise of Ahab. And so as we closed out the passage, Ahab died on the battlefield. And though the war was lost, the Lord protected Jehoshaphat in battle. Today we’ll hear more about this righteous king who sought to do God’s will and bring honor and justice to the nation. We’ll see how in all things this noble king sought God and depended upon Him for strength and victory.
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