Last Plague and Passover

Last Plague and Passover

Though God’s plagues against Pharaoh continued, he hardened his heart like stone. Though his servants and wise men begged him to let Israel go, he refused. So God sent a final warning among the people, that whoever fears God should mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a lamb, for at midnight God would visit all who ignored His warning and take their firstborn in return for the cruelty Egypt has shown against His firstborn, Israel.

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Exodus 12:12
In yesterday’s episode, we heard Moses and Aaron approach Pharaoh repeatedly, repeating God’s demand. “Let my people go.” And each time Pharaoh balked at those words, God sent plagues with increasing severity, leaving Pharaoh weary and fearful. But it was not enough to soften his hard heart. Today we’ll hear his people beg him to give in and just let the slaves go. It’s a story of how one man’s stubborn determination to have his own way and refusal to acknowledge God’s power cost his whole nation – even his own household – dearly. God’s judgment will culminate with one final plague. But God will instruct the Israelites on how to be spared from it.
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