Nehemiah Builds the Wall

Nehemiah Builds the Wall

As the sun was shining on the Persian Empire, Nehemiah, a servant from the Jewish exiles was serving the King as his cupbearer. When Nehemiah, heard of the return of the exiles and the current state of his homeland, he wept. King Artaxerxes noticed a sadness in Nehemiah and asked him what was troubling him. When it was revealed that Nehemiah wanted to go and help his people, the King gave him leave and sent a team of workers with him. Yet the project was not without opposition, Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, and the Ammonites all did their best to demoralize the people. But God was with them and 52 days later, the wall was rebuilt!

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Nehemiah 5:19
In our previous episode, we heard how God used Esther, a young Jewish woman, to save His people from the evil plan of Haman to wipe out the Jews in Persia. Her courage to speak for her people at great personal risk, demonstrated again that God doesn’t need the strong and powerful to do His will, and can do amazing things through those who are willing to answer the call. Today we’re going to hear of another who was willing to step up and do what God placed on his heart. Nehemiah will see the state of Jerusalem and mourn for his homeland, but then will boldly act to rebuild and restore what had been lost.
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