Noah and the Ark

Noah and the Ark

Evil is running rampant in the world. What was once good has descended back into chaos. But amid all this evil, God finds one man who still does what is right and trusts in Him. That man is Noah. Listen in as we see how God works with Noah and his family to save a remnant of His creation. In His wrath and grief, He allows the world to descend back into the watery mass it was before He spoke it into existence.

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Matthew 7:25
Each new generation is growing more and more evil. Sin is spreading like wildfire until, finally, God had enough. He cannot overlook the depravity any longer. God grieves at what has become of humankind. So he decides to wash the earth with a great flood. But there is one different man whom God deemed righteous—Noah. Noah must have had a challenging time living righteously amid such rampant evil. Like Noah, you may often feel surrounded by evil today. Yet, we must stand apart from those living to satisfy their desires. Consider how Noah and his family must have felt building this giant ark. They’d never even seen rain before. Think about the immense amount of faith required. Imagine the fear in their hearts as they entered the ark and watched God close the door. Let’s listen to the story about a man, an Ark, a great flood, and God’s plan of redemption.
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