The Creation

The Creation

Chaos reigns in every other ancient account of creation. But in the Bible, we read of a God who brings order out of Chaos. The story of Creation shows that all God has to do is speak, for light, order, beauty, and life to be brought into existence.

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Read Genesis 1:1-4
God doesn’t make junk. He makes everything perfect, not a single thing out of place or not to plan. God not only speaks things into existence, He speaks order into the chaos. This story reminds us that God isn’t a god of confusion or disorder. And through it all God was thinking of you… people… and our ultimate place in His created order. He created us in His own image, with a unique purpose unlike anything else in His creation. Humans, as you will see, stand apart from the rest of creation. And it’s not until God has placed his imprint, through mankind, on this world that He will say, “it is very good.” This is where it all begins…so let’s get started.
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