The Lord Gives Water and Victories

The Lord Gives Water and Victories

Hungry, thirsty, and fast to forget what God has done for them, the people grumbled about not having any water. Yet even in their complaints, God is full of mercy, and He provided life-giving water for the people out of a solid rock. But then, in their celebration of God’s provision, an army of Amalekites comes to ransack their camp, and God teaches His people how to fight for the Lord.

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Exodus 17:6
In our last episode, we saw God lead the Israelites to safety, delivering them from Pharaoh’s hand as they crossed the parted waters of the Red Sea. We also witnessed the Israelites grumbling, like impatient children who quickly forgot God’s care for them. Through it all, God continued to provide and promised that if they followed him, things would go well with them. Today we’ll see God providing once more, even as complaints continue. Listen for Moses’ exasperated response to the people, calling them out for their forgetful hearts. Then listen to what God commands Moses to do. We’ll also hear a new chapter in their story. Their wandering will stop as they set up a camp in the Amalekite territory. God will call them to battle.
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