The Man of God and the Old Prophet

The Man of God and the Old Prophet

God had told the mysterious prophet, whom he sent to warn king Jeroboam, not to eat or drink anything in the city and not to return in the same way he came. So he refused the king’s offer to go back to the palace and have a meal. Hearing what signs the mysterious prophet had done, an old prophet in the city left to go find the man of God. When he found him, he lied to him and brought him back into the city to enjoy a meal. But during the meal, God made his message clear that this meal would be his last because of his disobedience.

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1 Kings 13:18
In our prior episode, we heard how king Jeroboam was unfaithful to God. He built shrines for pagan Gods and a temple where he called people to worship golden calves. History was tragically repeating itself, with God’s people being led astray and serving other gods. But God would not let this king lead his sheep into certain death and separation from Him. So he sent a man to rebuke Jeroboam and give him a sign of God’s displeasure. The man did as God instructed, then departed from the king, not wanting to remain in a place of faithlessness and disobedience to the Lord. But as we’ll hear today, the man will meet an old prophet who will lead him into sin and cause him to disobey God.
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