The Righteousness and Loss of Job

The Righteousness and Loss of Job

There once was a man named Job who lived in the land of Uz. Job feared God and was very well off. He had a wife, a large family, many animals, and abundant wealth. But he lost it all in a moment, as Satan was permitted to test his faithfulness to God by taking away everything. Yet even in his grief, Job did something we can all learn from; he clung to God and poured out his tears to Him.

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Job 1:20
Previously we heard about the final days of Joshua’s life and how God blessed Israel with peace and victories and an ever-expanding share of the land in Canaan. Today we dive into the story of Job. This ancient poem tells the story of one man’s faithfulness even in the face of the greatest adversity imaginable. As we begin today, we’ll hear the dialogue between God and the accuser, who challenges God to allow Job to be tested to see if he will remain righteous and faithful. Job’s tale has much to teach us about the sovereignty of God and our ability to remain steadfast no matter what pain comes our way.
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