The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments

God’s people have finally made it to the land of Sinai, where they camped at the mountain's base. The place where God would meet with them in fire and thunder. Terrified at the voice of God, they sent Moses up the mountain in their place. There he would hear God speak and receive not only the 10 commandments but the instructions for God’s dwelling place among them, the tabernacle.

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Exodus 20:6
In yesterday’s episode, we learned of the first military victory of the Israelites. God gave them further proof that there was no limit to what they could do as long as they followed him and trusted his hand. Today we’ll join them in the wilderness, three months since they escaped Pharaoh. They’ve been through a lot. They’ve seen God provide an escape through the Red Sea, food and water, daily and night guidance, and victory in battle. And today, we’ll hear God again affirm his promise to them. They are to be a holy nation, set apart from all others. We’ll see how God gives them a small set of rules to follow – ten commands to keep to.
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