Water Flows from the Rock

Water Flows from the Rock

Hungry and thirsty, the people complain again that it would have been better for them to die in Egypt instead of being thirsty in the desert. So God listened compassionately and asked Moses and Aaron to show His love to Israel by speaking to a rock in front of the people causing water to flow from it. But in his anger, Moses decides to do things his own way, and for this, he is banished from ever entering the promised land.

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Numbers 20:11
In our last story, we learned of the rebellion led by Korah against Moses and Aaron. We saw how God punished Korah and other leaders for their attempt to overthrow his servant. We also saw how the people turned on Moses, and God dealt swiftly with them. Moses again came to their defense, and because of Him, the Lord spared many lives. But as we’ve seen before, Moses was not perfect. He has dealt with anger before, and today his weariness with the people will trigger that anger, with devastating personal consequences for Moses. We’ll also hear how their journey of wandering in the desert is not easy – it’s a far cry from the rest they could have enjoyed in the Promised Land… if only they’d trusted.
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