You are Israel

You are Israel

As Jacob approaches the land of Canaan, he sends messengers to greet his older brother, Esau, in the hopes of soothing the anger he aroused so many years ago. While Esau comes to meet him with 400 men in response, Jacob prays to God, seeking His favor and reaffirming his trust. Jacob sent the rest of the camp ahead of him, and while he stayed on the other side of the river Jabbok, God in the form of a man came and wrestled with Him. There Jacob would receive his new name…Israel.

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Genesis 32:28
Today we’ll see Jacob entering his former home, no longer a boy but a grown man with two wives and nearly a dozen children. As he does he is seeking reconciliation with another, his brother Esau. If you remember their story, it was Jacob who was the cheater and trickster in that relationship. And when he fled more than twenty years before, Esau was filled with rage and after blood. As you listen, imagine the nervousness with which Jacob stepped into dangerous territory. But before he encounters Esau, we’ll see him face another man.
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